Flood Insurance Cover

Millions of homes and businesses in the UK are at risk of flooding each year and the effects can be emotionally and financially devastating.  Let Sagar Insurances give you the peace of mind you need by ensuring that you are fully protected with comprehensive, cost effective flood insurance.

Our flood insurance cover is tailored to you and the risk surrounding your home or business.

Home and Business Flood Insurance

A flood in your home can cause huge disruption to your daily life and may have financial consequences if your home is not protected against the risk of flooding. Living in a flood risk area can prove difficult to find affordable insurance, but with Sagar Insurances we can provide tailored cover against flooding.


Our policies are designed to keep your business afloat during the aftermath of a flood. It is important to protect your assets against the risk of flooding, as the destruction caused can have a dramatic impact on your business. Protection from Sagar Insurances is brought to you through a major insurer, giving you peace of mind that should a flood occur, your business can recover.


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Recover from flooding in your home or business with a comprehensive insurance policy from Sagar Insurances. Our policies are designed to cover those in areas which are vulnerable to flooding, and will aim to get your home or business back to normal as soon as possible. Find more information about our Home and Business Flood Insurance or contact us online for a free quotation.

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Flood Insurance Cover